BMAL Committees


The committees below are for the 3rd session of BMAL (2018) and will be updated in the summer with committees for the 4th session of BMAL (2019).

Council on Political Affairs

Dwinelle 179 

Head Chair: Billy Lin |

Vice Chairs: Laura Nguyen, Saranyan Uthayakumar, Jinwei Zhang

Topic 1: Formulating ways to increase societal inclusion and political involvement amongst individuals who may be susceptible to insurgent group recruitment

Topic 2: Developing strategies and standards for mediation to resolve conflicts among member states, emphasizing the necessity for political solutions to military conflicts and avoiding escalation.

Council of Arab Social Affairs Ministers 

Dwinelle 205

Head Chair: Joanne Qi |

Vice Chairs: Charlie Abbott, Celine Wherritt

Topic 1: Exploring the role of media outlets in public opinion, including state-sponsored news outlets and social media, and addressing the issue of digital rights 

Topic 2: Analyzing the social and health concerns that arise with climate change and water/food scarcities.

Council of Arab Economic Affairs Ministers

Dwinelle 187 

Head Chair: Claire Black |

Vice Chairs: Noah Clapacs, Amanda Ostrom

Topic 1: Exploring means by which the League can promote non-oil private sectors and encourage the economic diversification of member states 

Topic 2: Assessing and formulating domestic and foreign investments to close the workforce participation gap and mitigate the exclusion and inequality in Arab economies

Summit of Arab Heads of State

Dwinelle 183

Head Chair: Shayna Kothari |

Vice Chairs: Kevin Tuok, Sarah Xu

Topic 1: Creating methods for the redevelopment of areas within member states damaged by conflict

Topic 2: Developing strategies for cooperation between refugees and internally displaced persons with host countries

Council of Arab Environmental Affairs Ministers

Dwinelle 228 

Head Chair: Dhruv Mandal |

Vice Chairs: Anushree Gupte, Annie Ren

Topic 1: Developing strategies to protect environmental infrastructure, particularly water and energy, from being utilized as tactical weapons in environmental warfare

Topic 2: Exploring ways to increase public participation in environmental initiatives