BMAL iI Committees


Joint Defense Council

Dwinelle 106

Head Chair: Sachit Shroff |
Vice-Chairs: Dhruv Mandal, Billy Lin

Topic 1: Outlining goals for Arab military modernization, with particular consideration for the requirements of modern and asymmetric warfare.

Topic 2: Examining League emergency preparedness and natural disaster response protocols, with a focus on defense sector contributions and national security implications.

Council on Political Affairs

Dwinelle 179

Head Chair: Serena Wang, Joseph Shin |
Vice-Chair: Michelle McLean

Topic 1: Formulating strategies to empower youth movements and increasing political engagement from younger generations.

Topic 2: Identifying states that promote laws or policies contributing to Islamophobia or anti-Arab sentiments, and providing support to Arab diasporas in combatting these and other barriers.

Council of Arab Social Affairs Ministers

Dwinelle 182

Head Chair: Joanne Qi |
Vice-Chairs: Sarah Xu, Annalise Fox

Topic 1: Examining methods to address rising public health concerns in the Arab world, with a focus on enhancing mental health care and awareness, curbing infectious diseases such as HIV, and improving chronic disease care.

Topic 2: Addressing the rising cost of food in the Arab world, with an emphasis on reducing waste in the import, transportation, and production of food, as well as inefficiencies in government subsidies.

Council of Arab Economic Affairs Ministers

Dwinelle 183

Head Chair: Zishen Liu |
Vice-Chairs: Vikas Sharma, Richard Jin

Topic 1: Considering the potential impacts of high levels of youth unemployment in the region, and devising strategies to encourage and facilitate increased youth involvement and employment in Arab economies.

Topic 2: Contending with the rapid expansion of virtual currencies, and assessing the opportunities they present, as well as the dangers they pose.

Summit of Arab Heads of State

Dwinelle 187

Head Chair: Soham Kale |
Vice-Chairs: Anish Vankayalapati, Ayush Saxena

Topic 1: Revisiting and updating the 1998 Arab Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism to reflect and adapt to the challenges faced by the contemporary counterterrorism environment.

Topic 2: Establishing a Charter-compliant framework and protocol for the resolution of inter-Arab conflicts, particularly in light of recent diplomatic disputes.