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Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum (ASEAN)

Head Chair | Jessica Zhao


Vice-Chairs | Sita McGuire, Edward Kang

Friday Saturday Sunday
Barrows 60 Wheeler 222 Wheeler 222


Topic 1 | Labor Exploitation and Abuse at Sea

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The seafood industry rests upon an insidious global crime complex. The fish advertised on five-star restaurant menus, sold in pet food aisles, and prepared by street vendors is sourced through a supply chain steeped in labor exploitation and abuse, political corruption, and legal injustice. Although misconduct stains every step of the pipeline and deserves further scrutiny, we will concentrate discussion on the Southeast Asian fisheries out at sea, where government oversight and intervention is limited and labor abuses are underreported.

Topic 2 | Identity-Based Conflicts

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We will look at common elements of inter-state, identity-based conflicts in the ASEAN region. The region grapples with social heterogeneity, alienation of ethnic minorities, religious interrelation, contemporary political crisis, unequal wealth and power distribution, and cross-border politics among others. These issues are essential in examining how the ensuing violence affects neighboring countries (refugee flows, terrorism, criminal activities) and how we may approach conflict management. These conflicts require an evolved form of conflict management and mediation.