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Arab League Crisis (CRISIS)

Head Chair | Andy Luo


Vice-Chairs | Serena Wang, Moriah Meyers, Anish Vankayalapati

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dwinelle 223 Wheeler 200 Wheeler 200


Topic | Combatting Terrorism and Threats to Regional Stability

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This year, CRISIS will be tackling the topic of combatting terrorism and threats to regional stability in the Middle East. Terrorism in this region revolves around two major roots: the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and conflicts in the interpretation of Islam. These two conflicts are considered the foundation that resulted in the many terrorist groups in the Middle East. However, terrorism is only a cog in the complex web of political relationships and power struggles that have disrupted stability in the region. Civil wars, corruption, and personal agendas in different countries have allowed many terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State to gain footholds towards advancing their extremist ideals. CRISIS committee will focus on the creation of effective, feasible, and innovative solutions that will be tested against realistic and challenging circumstances. Delegates’ abilities to implement viable solutions to combat terrorism will simulate steps the Middle East can take in securing regional stability.