Position Papers are due on February 6th to be considered for the Best Position Paper Award, and February 13th to be considered for any committee award. Submit them to CSD@bmun.org. 

Committee for Sustainable Development (CSD)

Head Chair | Rob Purviance

Vice-Chairs | Daksh Bhatia, Calvin Price, Madeleine Valdez

Friday Saturday Sunday
250 Dwinelle 205 Dwinelle 250 Dwinelle


Topic | Rebuilding a Nation: Infrastructure Development in Myanmar

At the behest of Myanmar’s Parliament, an extraordinary summit has been called to bring together international and domestic financial institutions, multilateral development institutions, and government ministries to discuss the country’s financial development and inclusion needs. The summit will focus on amending, expanding, and implementing a financial development vision for Myanmar based upon the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s Making Access Possible (MAP) diagnostic. During the first two committee sessions, Delegates will be tasked with creating a unified development plan for Myanmar. Delegates will be able to place themselves into the mindset of their given organization in order to leverage their unique capabilities, as well as the capabilities of their partner organizations, to create actionable development goals.

Following the creation of the plan during the first two committee sessions, the committee will enter into crisis procedure. The Dais will create realistic crises that one could reasonably expect to encounter while engaging in development work. These crises could include regime change, natural disasters, and ethnic strife, amongst many other scenarios, and will test whether Delegates can creatively implement their financial development plan under the strain of the challenges that frequently arise in real-world projects. The overall goal of this unique committee structure, procedure, and topic will be to give Delegates a crash-course in development theory and practice.