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Cybersecurity Crisis (CYBER)

Head Chair | Jake Tibbetts


Vice-Chairs | Suchi Narayanan, Trent Gomberg, Nikhil Pimpalkhare

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dwinelle 215 Wheeler 130 Wheeler 130


Topic | US Cybersecurity

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CYBER is a committee about cybersecurity where delegates will be representing military, intelligence, cabinet, and legislative interests in cybersecurity. Delegates will be asked to create, enact, and implement US cybersecurity policy from these various perspectives and respond to a wide variety of cybersecurity threats, both foreign and domestic. More broadly, CYBER will address issues in cyber policy from a less technical, more political perspective. We will discuss issues of national security, international power structures, and adapting strategic policies, doctrines, and models to the new political realities and implications that the last few decades of massive technological advancement has created for the United States. Rather than focusing on technical minutiae, CYBER will instead examine the intersection of politics, diplomacy, national security strategy, and cybersecurity. Rather than doing the work of security engineers, logisticians, and agents of the state, you will be doing the work of policy makers, strategists, and decision makers in your responses to significant events.