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European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Head Chair | Jake Moskowitz

Vice-Chairs | Ali Maloney, Patty Midy

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The European Court of Human Rights is a court based in Strasbourg, France, that aims to uphold the policies established by European Convention on Human Rights. The court has the power to administer punishments for violators of the Convention, and charges can only be brought against states contained in the 47 European countries that are part of the States Parties to the Convention. However, charges can be brought up by both states within these 47 member states and individuals/groups affected by the charged member state. The mission of this committee is to provide justice to peoples and nations whose rights based on the European Convention have been compromised.


Topic | Cyprus v. Turkey

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In 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus due to the threat of a radical pro-Greek Cypriot group’s coup that compromised the safety of Turkish inhabitants on the island. This was preceded by decades of conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots that developed from disputes of each group’s share of power and territory on the island, and the court will be investigating crimes committed by Turkey in the invasion and whether or not they were legally justified.

We picked this topic because both sides have extremely legitimate arguments for their actions, and it will make for challenging back and forth debate. It’s significant to my committee because this predicted two-sided style of debate really makes the delegates grow as critical thinkers and will teach them to approach problems from all angles before offering a solution or judgment. As for the international community in general, it offers lessons to be learned in terms of conflicts where both sides are in the wrong.