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Historical Crisis (HIST) 

Head Chair | Arjun Banerjee


Vice-Chairs | Daniel Ginsberg, Olivia Lipari

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dwinelle 246 Dwinelle 246 Wheeler 30


Topic | Afghan Resistance to Soviet Invasion

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The topic for the Historical Crisis Committee for BMUN LXVI will be Afghan Resistance to the Soviet Invasion. In 1979, a socialist government in Afghanistan on the verge of collapse, requested assistance from the USSR. The Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan thrusting the region into the heart of the Cold War. The delegates will take on the role of the Afghan people who organized in opposition to the foreign invaders. Among them were secular nationalists, Islamic fundamentalists and tribe leaders just trying to hold on to power. The delegates will attempt to obtain aid from the West, who, in 1979, were still sympathetic to their cause. If the delegates can hold out long enough, the USSR, itself near ruin, will collapse and the delegates will be forced to deal with the consequences of this new world, and try to shape Afghanistan in their ideal image. Outside threats will not cease, as the Taliban, an Islamic army from Pakistan, will eye Afghanistan for a place of conquest. It will be up to the delegates to navigate global politics and local strategy, as they attempt to fight off a series of forces with Imperial ambitions all the while, staying united enough to build a stable society, or else Afghanistan will be plunged into darkness.