Position Papers are due on February 5th to be considered for the Best Position Paper Award, and February 12th to be considered for any committee award. Submit them to HIST@bmun.org. 

Historical Crisis (HIST) 

Head Chair | Arjun Banerjee

Vice-Chairs | Daniel Ginsberg, Olivia Lipari

Friday Saturday Sunday
105 Dwinelle 105 Dwinelle 255 Dwinelle


Topic | Unification of Germany (1871)

The year is 1863. Where? That is a good question. Ostensibly you are in a state called Prussia, working as delegates in a quasi-legislative/executive body determining what laws are passed and what actions the Prussian state takes. However, for years now people have been calling for the fractured German people to set aside their differences and form one state. To the south lies the Austrian Empire looking to be the leader of the German people. To the west lies the French Empire the military powerhouse that’s not as strong as it once was. With new technology Prussia could unite the German people and begin a new era in Europe

In this committee you will grapple mainly with many questions. What is the German nation? Who should lead the German people? Who are the German people? Does the answer to that question matter? If it is our duty to unite the German people how should we do it? Peacefully? Or with blood and iron? These questions as well as tons of political intrigue will make the unification of Germany a really fantastic weekend.