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International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Head Chair | Alexandra Maloney


Vice-Chairs | Alexander Wilfert, Ashwin Srikanth

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dwinelle 209 Wheeler 220 Wheeler 220


Topic | Bosnia v. Serbia (Bosnian Genocide)

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Just 50 years after the German Holocaust claimed over six million victims in a systematic genocidal campaign, ethnically Serbian Bosnians executed a series of massacres and an ethnic cleansing campaign in what is now referred to as the Bosnian Genocide. It is widely considered the most significant war crime to take place on European soil after World War II. Preceded by the breakup of Yugoslavia, tensions between ethnic groups reached a boiling point during the Bosnian War when an army consisting of ethnically Serbian Bosnians committed genocide, among other war crimes, against Bosnia’s Muslim population (also referred to as Bosniaks). While the actual soldiers were not members of the official Serbian army, there was evidence to suggest that the Serbian government supported the Bosnian Serbs and held considerable influence over them. Delegates will simulate the historical trial between Bosnia and Serbia that followed in the actual ICJ and debate over legal issues such as burden of proof and treaty precedence to evaluate Serbia’s responsibility for the genocide.