Since BMAL will be a smaller conference in comparison to BMUN's larger annual conference with a maximum of 22 delegates per committee, each committee will feature an emphasis on crises. Although the main goal of each committee will remain to pass resolutions on each topic, intermittently delegates will be tasked with facing crises and responding through directives. This is a great opportunity for both novice delegates to be introduced to a crisis-driven committee and advanced delegates to hone their MUN skills. 

BMAL will be run on the standard MUN procedure used at our annual conference. You can access committee topic synopses here. Topic synopses for BMAL are meant to be starting points for research and not thorough guidebooks on the topic; however, if you have any questions on your topic or country positions, we encourage you to reach out to your head chair. Case studies on each topic will be posted to give delegates more information on the directions committee may head. In addition, position papers will not be required.

Please fill out waivers before attending BMAL.

On Saturday, a pizza Lunch will be provided by BMAL which is included in registration fees. On Sunday, lunch will not be provided; however, there are many local restaurants adjacent to campus in walking distance. For recommendations, please talk to your Head Chair at conference. If any of your delegates have dietary restrictions, please inform