Project ConneXion

Xi'an, China

Since 2015, BMUN has collaborated with Project ConneXion and Rising International to bring BMUN’s education-based MUN experience to high school students in China.

Projection ConneXion, which provides human resources and logistical support to BMUN China, is a fast growing Model UN-based national network of young leaders and an entirely student-run social entrepreneurial initiative in China. Bringing together a group of open-minded visionary young Chinese leaders from colleges and high schools both home and abroad, Projection ConneXion aims to promote civic education by providing academic and organizational support to the rapidly developing student-run Model UN conferences throughout the country.

Rising International, which provides financial and legal support to BMUN China, is an entrepreneurial firm that focuses on supporting civic education events in China and cross-cultural trips between China and the United States. It has hosted two national events in China and two trips in Korea and the United States. Taking advantage of its academic resources and professional experience in the United States, Rising International also works to cultivate stronger competitiveness for Chinese students applying to American universities and supports Chinese parents with travel plans to visit their children studying in the United States. Over 500 students and families in China have experienced high-quality events or services from Rising International to date.

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