Dear Advisors and Delegates,

My name is Dhruv Mandal and I am proud to serve as the USG of Outreach & Education for BMUN 68. I am honored and excited to formally  invite you to the Berkeley Model United Nations Delegate Workshop, which will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019. Delegate Workshop is an exciting opportunity for delegates to learn the building blocks of MUN procedure and essential skills to excel in Model UN conferences directly from our Secretariat.

This year we will be offering four different courses based on skill level and conference experience of delegates: Novice (Introductory), Advanced (Crisis), Chairing, and a modified Novice course that specializes on excelling in larger committees like GAs!

In both Novice committees, delegates will spend the morning learning Model UN fundamentals like Research, Rules of Procedure, Flow of Debate, Caucusing, and Public Speaking. The afternoon will be reserved for a simulation to apply these skills. The GA-specific Novice course will focus on skills that delegates can utilize in larger committees like Bloc As to stand out and make an impression in an environment where time comes at a premium.

Our Advanced classes will be placed into smaller groups and will consist of a more open format. This allows us to answer questions in greater detail and teach in-depth Model UN procedures, with a focus on crisis committees. Only students who have attended two or more conferences may enroll in this committee.

Our Chairing course will consist of teaching and activities in the morning. In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to serve as either as chairs to delegates in the Novice committees or as vice chairs to experienced BMUN chairs. Only students who have attended three or more conferences may enroll in this committee.

All three courses will be followed by a brief break for lunch and then a committee simulation once delegates return to their classrooms. This short mock-conference will enable the delegates to put the skills they learned into practice and raise any additional inquiries they might have about the procedure taught earlier in the day. During the Delegate Workshop, we will also hold an advisor meeting during which the advisors of participating schools will have the opportunity to meet one another and the BMUN Secretariat. This year, the meeting will feature  an advisor panel, made up of veteran MUN advisors, where newer advisors can learn tips and tricks to improve their respective delegations. Like BMUN’s keynote conference in March, the Delegate Workshop will be hosted on the campus of UC Berkeley. Further information regarding topics and committees will be made available to you in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we are having a Western Business Attire (WBA) Clothing Drive, where delegates are encouraged to donate old dress clothes so that come conference time, delegates who don’t have access to WBA attire can dress for committee! The drive will take place during registration!

PLEASE NOTE: As it has in the past, Delegate Workshop 2019 will have no attendance fee! However, this additionally means that we will not be providing lunch. Please have your delegates bring a sack lunch or money for lunch in the local area.

Please register for Delegate Workshop by signing up on the form indicated by the “Registration” tab!

After you register, each delegate is required to fill out the DW conference waiver. The waiver is not currently open and will instead open on September 26th, 2019. Advisors that register will be notified so that their delegates can complete their waivers ASAP. Waivers are due by 11:59 pm on October 25th, 2019.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to send questions or concerns to me at

We look forward to seeing you in October!


Dhruv Mandal USG of Outreach & Education Berkeley Model United Nations | 68th Session