To register for BMAL, please use the form at:

We encourage you to read the step-by-step instructions below prior to filling out the form. If you have any questions, please contact**

Conference Fees

There is a $25 delegate fee per delegate which includes a pizza lunch on Saturday. There are no school fees for BMAL.

Registration Instructions

Open the form at

1. Select Your Model

  1. Under High School Model Arab Leagues, select Berkeley Model Arab League (Berkeley, CA).
  2. Leave the University Model Arab Leagues field blank.

2. Delegate Information

  1. For School/Institution, please provide the full name of your high school.
  2. For Delegation Type, please select all that apply to your delegation that you are comfortable sharing. This information is not used for registration or assignments purposes but rather for NCUSAR and BMUN to better understand our attending delegations to improve further conferences.

3. Faculty Advisor

  1. Please provide the information for your Faculty Advisor. This will be the main contact for all mailings and questions leading up to the conference.

4. Head Delegate

  1. Please provide information on your Head Delegate. If your delegation does not have a head delegate, then please leave this section blank.

5. Council Chair

  1. Leave this section blank as BMAL will be run on MUN procedure. It is important to note though that other MAL conferences run on a slightly different procedure which involves council chairs. More information on this procedure can be found here.

6. Country Selection

  1. For Number of Countries Requested to Represent, please divide your total delegate count by 5 (number of committees at BMAL) and round down. This represents the different number of nations your delegates will be assigned.
  2. For Number of Delegates on Team (est.), please put the total number of delegates from your delegation.
  3. For each nation, please rank them from 1-22 on order of preference of representing at BMAL. 1=Highest Preference and 22=Lowest Preference