Officer Corps


Natasha Cougoule


Year: Senior

Majors: Economics | Portuguese

Minor: Education

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The Secretary General oversees the day-to-day operations of the Officer Corps, Secretariat, and the entire organization. In essence, Natasha ensures that all the moving parts of BMUN are in sync to reach our shared vision and goals for the upcoming BMUN LXVI!

"Model United Nations is above all a practice in empathy. It's a unique opportunity to expand your point of view and truly step into someone else's shoes, someone with whom you might wholly disagree. Our conference focuses on your learning, whether you're a delegate, advisor, or a chair, and in the two years I served as a head chair, I learned from my delegates as much as I hope they did from us as chairs. BMUN is a truly special conference and will leave you with many lasting memories for years to come."

Stacey Dojiri

Chief of Staff

Head Chair | World Health Organization

Year: Senior

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology, focus in Infectious Disease

Minor: Global Poverty and Practice

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Chief of Staff serves many responsibilities for BMUN, but the overarching theme is to support the secretariat. As Chief, Stacey organizes recruitment of new members and creates the chair training process to ensure each member has a thorough understanding of BMUN procedure to use during conference.

"Model United Nations is an incredible learning experience because students can take almost any of their academic interests and apply it in the context of global issues. Students have the great opportunity to use their knowledge and creativity to analyze the past actions of the international community and think about realistic ways to improve or build upon them. The chance to learn about international relations and current events in this way was extremely integral in building my own interest in global health, and I owe that all to MUN."

Himaja Jangle


Vice-Chair | World Health Organization

Year: Junior

Majors: Economics | Statistics

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As Treasurer, Himaja is in charge of all of BMUN's finance by upkeeping day-to-day transactions in order to maintains BMUN's non-profit status. She also leads the fundraising and selection process of the BMUN Alumni Scholarship recipients, which helps low-income students attend the conference each year.

"Model United Nations gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and collaborate with like-minded people from all around the world. Not only is it a great way to learn more about global events, but it helps you improve your public speaking and teamwork skills while having fun at the same time. BMUN is such a valuable experience as a whole and has been an integral part of both my high school and college experience.

Katie Lee

USG of Research

Vice-Chair | International Court of Justice

Year: Senior

Majors: Political Science | Environmental Science

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The USG of Research’s first duty is in managing and supporting our Head Chairs in all substantive matters on their committees. From the curating of topics to crisis management, Katie and her staff work with the Head Chairs and their daises to prepare their committees and provide a multi-faceted learning experience for delegates.

"When I started MUN in high school, it was a real turning point for me. MUN is exceptional because it pushes young people to think about big issues that affect millions of people everyday and urges them to be part of the solution."

Trent Gomberg

USG of Outreach

Vice-Chair | Cybersecurity Crisis

Year: Junior

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Minor: Computer Science

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Outreach seeks to provide any and all educational needs surrounding the training and development of MUN delegates. From our annual delegate workshop to our regular school visits, Trent works on a variety of levels to ensure that delegates have successful and productive experiences at MUN conferences.

"Model United Nations gives so much to the people who participate. Though this includes the procedural and IR knowledge that accompanying committee, it certainly extends much deeper. Students, through their MUN programs, get the opportunity to become leaders, teachers, competitors, and friends. They find their passion and their voice in committee. MUN has given so much to me and all of my colleagues and to me BMUN is an attempt to give back."

Lucia Zhang

USG of External Relations

Vice-Chair | UN Human Rights Council

Year: Junior

Majors: Business Administration | Economics

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USG of External Relations is the customer service for BMUN. Lucia is in charge of guiding advisors and delegates through the registration process, assigning county assignments, and inviting delegates around the world to BMUN!

"We branded BMUN as an educational conference where we, the Secretariat, hoped to guide the next generation of movers and thinkers by enabling them to better understand and navigate international issues. However, in reality, I feel as though it's the delegates educating me rather than the other way around. I've learned so much more about the world from these bright people and am constantly humbled by their incredible insights. It's been a pleasure having the opportunity to interact with them and I can't wait for this year's conference to see what new things I'll learn."


Jessie Mao

USG of Logistics

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science, focus in International Relations

Minor: History

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The USG of Logistics coordinates all of the logistics for the annual BMUN conference. There is a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure conference is ready for 1,600 students from 10 countries every March. Over a year before the conference, Jessie works with the campus administration to reserve venues for opening and closing ceremonies as well as 20+ committee rooms.

"If I am asked about the one factor that got me where I am today, a student at one of the best univerisities in the world surrounded by a loving club and endless opportunities, I would without a doubt say Model UN. Model UN is more than just an extracurricular activity that you take on to boost your resume before college, it transforms you into the person you’ve always wanted to be and connects you with others that you will continually look up to and strive to be."

Hyunwook Kim

USG of Special Events

Vice-Chair | Berkeley Venture Capital

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration

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As USG of Special Events, Hyunwook is in charge of organizing opening and closing ceremonies, as well as delegate dance. He is also the liaison between BMUN and our conference cause.

"We are excited to be hosting our sixty-sixth session and building on our long-standing tradition of creating a transformative and unforgettable experience for each and every one of our delegates. We hope you take full advantage of this opportunity to explore and engage with the challenging issues that face our global community, connect and bond with your fellow delegates, and uncover new interests and passions. Whether this is your first or fourth year in your Model UN career, we look forward to delivering a conference full of new experiences, growth, and excitement."


Hubert Luo

USG of Organizational Partnerships

Vice-Chair | Second Economic and Financial

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Mathematics | Statistics

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The USG of Organizational Partnerships seeks to expand BMUN's reach and ensure its resources are reaching their full potential. With his staff, Hubert researches potential new partnerships with international MUN organizations and conferences and contacts leaders in those groups; maintains existing organizational partnerships and organizes BMUN-affiliated conferences abroad; advises international delegates before and during conference weekend; and forges new business partnerships with local hotels, restaurants and airlines to provide discounted rates for delegates.

"Model United Nations is an incredible opportunity to learn and practice the research, communication, and debate skills which will help you succeed in any path you decide to take. MUN helps to not only catalyze intellectual growth but to also develop the exceptionally useful and broadly applicable abilities to find common ground and rationally analyze arguments. I hope you enjoy your time at BMUN 66 and gain experiences and skills that you can draw upon in the future."

Madeleine Valdez

USG of Publications

Vice-Chair | Second Economic and Financial

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Minor: Sustainable Design

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The USG of Publications oversees the design and printing of all materials that BMUN uses and distributes, including flyers, digital advertisements, conference guides, placards, merchandise, and other items. During conference weekend, Madeleiene also staffs the table that helps advisors and delegates with any logistical questions they may have.

"Model United Nations was the catalyst that broke me out of my shell. It forced me to speak out, to study, and to problem solve. But it also built me up by inspiring me to be more competitive, develop an extremely diverse skill set, and grow into a more intelligent and aware person. I’ve come very far in life since I first began participating in BMUN five years ago; I can only hope that I can share my experience with others through my work with this organization."

Michael McDonald

USG of Technology

Vice-Chair | Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Year: Junior

Majors: Computer Science | Applied Mathematics

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The USG of Technology handles all technical aspects of our organization. From managing our google accounts to our registration web application, Huxley, Michael ensures that all of the organization's technical needs are met.

"Model United Nations is a chance to consider issues that are too often overlooked and perspectives that are too often ignored. Knowing the headlines in the news doesn't cut in Model UN, you have to challenge yourself to dig deeper into a topic and find things that challenge your preconceptions and ideas of the international community. As a member of BMUN's secretariat for two years, I've found a shared community interested in truly understanding the world we live in. Plus it's really fun."

Michael Eliot

USG of Internal Relations

Vice-Chair | UN Environmental Programme

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

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In order to put on such an amazing conference that unites delegates from across the world, we need to have a cohesive and extremely motivated secretariat. The USG of Internal Affairs is primarily responsible for putting on our Fall and Winter retreats as well as other team-building and professional development events. These events provide a forum for members of the club to get to know each other and bond. This ensures that by the time conference arrives every year we are prepared to give all of you the best possible experience.

"Everyone jokes about how MUN is just another debate club, but it's so much more than that. It keeps you well informed, it engages you with the world, and it integrates you into a global network of people who genuinely care about the world."

Elle Mahdavi


Vice-Chair | First Disarmament and Interational Security

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Economy

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Historian is responsible for capturing the essence of BMUN through pictures and videos taken at conference and throughout the year. Elle also makes sure BMUN is able to engage with delegates and the general public by managing various social media platforms. Further, the Historian cultivates and maintains the relationship between the secretariat and alumni.

"This is my second year of BMUN and my sixth year of MUN overall. Both in high school and in college, MUN has allowed me to express my intellectual passions, and at the same rate, it's given me a lovely group of friends. I hope BMUN LXVI will provide the same for you! Over the course of conference weekend, you will exercise the art of diplomacy and meet incredible people along the way. Remember to stay open-minded, engaged, and kind in committee, as that is how you will gain the most out of MUN."