Position Papers

Because of the tight timeline on which we expect position papers to be submitted, we have much shorter position paper guidelines for BMAL compared to BMUN. Please see below for details.


Submission Instructions

Submit to your head chair's email, which should be available on your committee pages next to their name.

Title your email: Submission_Committee_Country

If submitting your two position papers separately by topic, please indicate in the title as well.

i.e. if you are in JDC, and are representing Mauritania and submitting your position paper for topic 1, your email should be titled: Submission_JDC_SaudiArabia_Topic1

Your document should also be titled as such for cataloging purposes.

Position Papers are due on November 24th to be considered for all committee awards. Late submissions will not be considered, and submissions will be graded on a rolling basis. It is advised that delegates submit their position paper when they are done instead of waiting till 23:59 PST the day of the deadline to get it in, to avoid technical difficulties.

Position Paper Guidelines

One position paper is due per delegation for each topic on the committee agenda, whether the country has been assigned to a single delegate or a pair of delegates. On each submission delegates should use only their committee, country, and topic for identification purposes. Personal and school names are not allowed for the purposes of blind grading.

Please submit your paper in standard MLA format in a 12-point, double spaced standard font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Garamond.

There are four required sections in the position paper, delegates have to identify each section they are working on clearly, and any prompts or questions they are responding to, where relevant.

The four sections are:

Past and Current International Action (15%)

In this section, you should detail all past and current international action on your topic. Cite UN and Arab League resolutions that pertain to your topic and address the successes and failures of these policies. This should be 2-3 paragraphs in length.

Country’s Position (25%)

This section should point towards your country's specific policy on the issue. You should present an argument about the topic, justifying your position with past policies enacted internationally and domestically with your country. You may cite your country's voting record in the UN, current domestic policies, and any treaties to which it is privy. This should also be 2-3 paragraphs in length.

Proposed Solutions (30%)

Here, you should present some proposed solutions for your topic. This sections is a space for you to explore innovative solutions that have yet not been considered or cite models in countries that you may wish to replicate internationally. This section should be 3-4 paragraphs in length.

In addition, the chair’s discretion on overall quality will encompass 10% of the criteria.

This will account for proper formatting, citations, and overall structure of the writing.