Dear Advisors and Delegates,

On behalf of the entire BMUN Secretariat, I would like to personally thank you for participating in BMUN LXV. This year, we had a record number of delegates spread across 22 different committees. We are endlessly inspired by the dedication and passion our delegates continue to bring to our conference each year. We thoroughly appreciate all the hard work from the advisors of these delegates – your support throughout the year to this organization is immensely appreciated. In return, our Secretariat is devoted to make each year better than the last.

Because we value the skills of each delegate that attends our conference, we would like to invite all of the senior delegates of BMUN who are attending UC Berkeley in the fall to apply to join our secretariat. As a delegate, BMUN represents a three-day conference that fosters debate on international issues and unearths delegates’ potential in policy debate and public speaking. As a member of our Secretariat, BMUN becomes a group of tight-knit, motivated individuals committed to teaching international relations through our annual conference and year-round outreach to local high schools. Our secretariat not only chairs our prestigious conference, but also participates in these outreach sessions and educational workshops. As a four-year veteran of high school MUN and three-time BMUN attendee as a delegate myself, I wanted to give back to the organization that fueled my passion for global issues, and it is one of the best decisions I have made during my college career.  

Furthermore, by becoming a part of our BMUN family, new members will have the support of supportive, like-minded, and bright individuals, connections with our extensive alumni network in a variety of industries, and chances to travel the world to countries like China, India, Greece, and Japan to chair international MUN conferences. BMUN truly becomes the family that makes a large, public university feel like home. Our recruitment process will be taking place during the first three weeks of school, from August 23rd to September 17th. We will be tabling on Sproul Plaza and hosting two information sessions in the first month of school. Any student can feel free to talk to current members in person to learn more about the BMUN experience! If you’d like more information about our recruitment timeline, alerts about information sessions, and application deadline reminders, sign up for our mailing list here. The online application can be found at or, which will go live during the last week of August. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

We thank you again for participating in our conference and wish you a fantastic summer!



Stacey Dojiri
Chief of Staff