Officer Corps


Hubert Luo


Year: Senior

Majors: Statistics & Applied Mathematics

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The Secretary-General oversees the day-to-day operations of the Officer Corps and the Secretariat. Hubert ensures that all of the moving parts of the organization are in sync to move BMUN forward and continue its 68-year legacy of excellence and education.

"Model UN is an incredible opportunity to not only meet others with shared interests in international relations, but also to improve the research, communication, and teamwork skills that are integral in any path you pursue. Be sure to make the most out of every minute of your time at BMUN - it is a truly special conference that will leave you with many lasting memories for years to come."

Joanne Qi

Chief of Staff

Year: Senior

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Minor: Art History

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The Chief of Staff is tasked with making sure that BMUN's chairs are the best they can be. She does this through overseeing chair training and secretariat bonding. The Chief of Staff's mission is for every secretariat member to be prepared to support their committee's delegates and create the best possible conference experience.

"It sounds cheesy, but it's true: coming to BMUN as a delegate changed my life. Listening to my chairs talk passionately about everything they were accomplishing at Berkeley made my high school self excited to come to college. I'm so happy I can give back by helping our conference provide transformative experiences for our delegates. I hope that every delegate leaves BMUN with a more nuanced view of world issues and a renewed desire to learn. "



Marine Fujisawa


Year: Junior

Majors: Political Science & Economics

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Treasurer works close with the other officers to create realistic and manageable budgets for each staff, utilizes cool software such as Quickbooks to track expenses and ensure everyone gets their money back, receives payments from schools, and manages all other revenue. Treasurer also manages the alumni scholarship to ensure that as many delegates can attend BMUN as possible.

"BMUN has been a special part of my college experience thus far. I have had such an amazing time learning about pertinent international issues and gaining valuable leadership experience. Furthermore, BMUN has given me so many friendships that I treasure. I am so thankful to be a part of this organization and to be able to serve as an officer to give back to a club that has given me so much."

Sachit Shroff

USG of Research

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Peace and Conflict Studies

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The USG of Research helps BMUN's secretariat pick topics and prepare professional, educational topic synopses throughout the year. The USG of Research directs a staff of dedicated, experienced members who help with the editing process and give research presentations throughout the year.

"BMUN has been my rock in college. From the fulfillment of being part of such a great educational organization to the friends I've made along the way, BMUN truly provides for me."



Dhruv Mandal

USG of Outreach and Education

Year: Junior

Majors: Molecular and Cellular Biology & Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

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As the USG of Outreach & Education, Dhruv has the responsibility of directing not only our Outreach program but also our Learn Site initiative. The Outreach and Education Staff is in charge of advancing the educational mission that BMUN strives to promote through creating various resources and interfacing with advisors to both schedule and attend outreach sessions at local high schools. Additionally Dhruv and his staff organize our Delegate Workshop in the fall, constantly improve and update, consult with local conferences to supply them with BMUN chairs, and better interact with clubs and programs throughout the Bay Area in order to strengthen the local MUN community. In the near future, Dhruv hopes to work with schools lacking established, existing programs with the goal of building up programs from scratch and better providing MUN resources to underrepresented communities at large. In terms of Learn, Outreach & Education hopes to continue the creation of a video-based curriculum, program-building guides, and new MUN events and mock sessions to enhance the delegate experience in the upcoming year.

“When I look back to the start of high school, I gawk at how extremely shy and introverted I was when dealing with the raging social environment around me. The amount of personal growth that Model United Nations has afforded me still leaves me speechless - not only did my public speaking and ability to interact with others improve, but I also grew more confident in myself and in my ability to better the world around me. That same potential lies dormant in so many individuals, and the reason I still do MUN after six wonderful years is that I honestly love to take a more involved role in unlocking that potential in high school students during their formative years. MUN, as its name encourages, helps unite students of differing nationalities, viewpoints and experiences in order to help them grow into the leaders, professionals and role models of the future. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Ashwin Srikanth

USG of External Relations

Year: Junior

Majors: Molecular and Cellular Biology & Public Health

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As USG of External Relations, Ashwin will be your primary contact prior to conference and during registration. As the bridge between you and the secretariat, Ashwin is responsible for sending emails with pertinent information about BMUN, handling the registration process, and responding to any and all inquiries you have about BMUN LXVIII.

"An MUN conference, and BMUN specifically, provides a unique forum to diversify your perspectives, to broaden your understanding, and to envision a future without the challenges that plague us all as one humankind. It’s impractical to let a fear of failure or comparison hinder your progress because it’s impossible to succeed without accepting the risk of failure, and it’s impossible to have a voice without accepting criticism. For this reason, I urge you to seize the opportunities presented to you at BMUN: interact with your fellow delegates and don't be afraid to ask questions. "



Sarah Xu

USG of Administration

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental Economics and Policy

Minor: Global Poverty and Practice

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The USG of Administration handles a myriad of tasks to ensure that conference runs smoothly! These tasks include the updating of the Berkeley Model United Nations website and overseeing committee assignments. Other tasks also vary based on the needs of the officer corps.

"Model United Nations is where I began to develop many skills that I still use today. Beyond just writing a coherent paper, it taught me lessons of compromise and public speaking. I believe that Model United Nations is important because it gives us a space to think critically about our place in the world and understand the diverse opinions of others. I am so excited to see what lessons BMUN LXVIII will bring. "

Michelle McLean

USG of Logistics

Year: Junior

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

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The USG of Logistics spearheads organizational operations and event execution on behalf of BMUN. There is a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure conference is ready for over 2000 students every March. More specifically, Logistics will work with the campus administration to reserve conference venues and committee rooms and coordinate safety and regulation of the event, among other responsibilities.

"As a delegate, BMUN was my first introduction to the UC Berkeley campus and evidently the reason I applied to Berkeley. Coming to CAL, I was so incredibly lucky to join BMUN as a secretariat member two years ago because I have been met the most ambitious and intelligent people I will know throughout my life. Overall, I will have been doing MUN for the past 7 years and I believe MUN has the potential to help individuals grow into confident speakers and researchers. BMUN especially provides that avenue through our educational mission and I am so incredibly excited to see what I learn from our delegates this year. "



Annalise Fox

USG of Special Events

Year: Junior

Major: Global Studies

Minor: Child Development

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During conference, the USG of Special Events is in charge of organizing and carrying out Opening Ceremonies, Delegate Dance, and Closing Ceremonies. They also handle BMUN's philanthropy, working with the Conference Cause and creating volunteer opportunities for the secretariat.

"Since attending BMUN as a delegate, it has meant a lot to me. I feel so lucky to be a part of the team who puts it together so that I can give delegates as rewarding of an experience as I once had! "

Billy Lin

USG of Organizational Partnerships

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health

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The USG of Organizational Partnerships oversees BMUN's partnerships with local, campus and international organizations to expand BMUN's reach and serve the international MUN community. Billy and his staff forge new business partnerships with local hotels, other campus organizations, restaurants and airlines to provide discounted rates for delegates; research potential new partnerships with international MUN organizations and conferences; head the BMAL conference at the end of September; maintain existing partnerships and organize BMUN-affiliated conferences abroad; and advise international delegates before and during conference weekend.

"MUN has taught me so much about public speaking, being confident, and international relations, and all those things that I have learned have made me a better person. I love MUN, and I love BMUN because I can continue doing MUN in college. I sincerely hope that all delegates at BMUN events will feel the same about the conference and develop into talented, amazing individuals!"



Mathilde McKeever

USG of Publications

Year: Sophomore

Major: Bioengineering

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The USG of Publications handles the designing and managing of printed materials for BMUN. This includes all the credentials, placards, conference guides and committee logos that delegates at BMUN's conference will get to see. Along with her staff, Mathilde works to make sure that information is easily readable and accessible for all delegates. This includes staffing the Office of Public Information (OPI) during conference weekend.

"In high school, Model UN provided me with valuable experience in research and public speaking, but more importantly, it introduced me to the practice of adopting and understanding perspectives that differ from my own. For most of most part, we experience the world from only one point of view (our own) and I believe the Model UN experience, of stepping into another person’s (or country’s) shoes and embodying their values, can be incredibly meaningful. I am so excited to help provide this experience to the students who come to our conference, and I look forward to seeing what BMUN LXVII will bring! "

Shayna Kothari

USG of Technology

Year: Junior

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Minor: Human Rights

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As USG of Technology, Shayna leads the team that develops BMUN's technology platforms, including Huxley. She's dedicated to making sure conference runs as smoothly as possible, from registration to grading, and to developing new ways to make BMUN better!

"Model United Nations has taught me to think more deeply about the world and exposed me to perspectives that span the globe. It has taught me teamwork and collaboration, how to make my ideas better. It has taught me to communicate my ideas more effectively by pushing me to display them through different points of view. These skills translate across fields, and I'm incredibly excited to help introduce them to the delegates who attend BMUN LXVIII!"


this is actually sachit

Soham Kale

USG of Internal Relations

Year: Senior

Majors: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering Physics

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The USG of Internal is tasked with bringing the secretariat together and to make sure they remain motivated and work as a team. Internal works to plan events on a regular basis, secretariat retreats, yearly banquets, and post-conference fun, as well as manage relations between members. By combining activities, professional development, and human resources, Internal helps keep the secretariat focused on running one of the largest MUN conferences in the world.

"I never went to a BMUN conference in high school; I lived on the east coast, but still did a ton of MUN, which gave me a standard for how a conference should be managed and what issues it should allow its delegates to focus on.

BMUN completely shattered those preconceptions. Never had I imagined that such a massive conference could also deliver such a personalized pedagogical experience for each delegate, while also running like a well-oiled machine each and every year.

I really love MUN for helping young people understand international relations by doing, rather than reading/listening, however, more than anything, I love BMUN for managing to push that mission to its absolute best. This conference, its secretariat, and its delegates have taught me so much, and I can't wait to experience it for one last year."

Annie Ren

USG of Media and Alumni Relations

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Applied Mathematics & Economics

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The USG of Media and Alumni Relations manages various social media platforms for Berkeley Model United Nations and is responsible for documenting Conference and other BMUN events throughout the year. Annie also maintains communication between the current secretariat and BMUN alumni.

"Over the past years, MUN has served as my source and measurement of personal growth. It has taught me practical skills for researching and public speaking. It has deepened my understanding of the international landscape and awareness for the matters that afflict fellow lives. It has allowed me to appreciate diverse perspectives and forge friendships over divisions. It has kindled a strong sense of justice and empowered me to seek solutions and effect change. Now, I am honored to be a part of this passionate and intelligent team, creating a conference that will also, hopefully, be a step in your journey and growth as a global citizen."

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