Officer Corps

Danny Tuthill


Year: Senior

Majors: Physics | Applied Mathematics

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The Secretary General oversees the day-to-day operations of the Officer Corps, Secretariat, and the entire organization. In essence, Danny ensures that all the moving parts of BMUN are in sync to reach our shared visions and goals for the upcoming BMUN LXV!

"The BMUN conference is an amazing time to meet new people over shared interests in debate and international relations. Be sure to treasure all of your experiences and make the most of every minute of the three day weekend. It's a truly special conference and will leave you with many lasting memories for years to come."

Sarah Yue

Chief of Staff

Vice-Chair | UN Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee

Year: Senior

Majors: Economics | Molecular and Cell Biology

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Chief of Staff serves many responsibilities for BMUN, but the overarching theme is to support the secretariat. As Chief, Sarah organizes recruitment of new members and creates the chair training process to ensure each member has a thorough understanding of BMUN procedure to use during conference.

"I sincerely hope delegates come to conference with the eagerness to learn and impact. The secretariat members of BMUN are truly looking to make a difference and influence the experience of delegates at BMUN. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or this is your first conference, there is always something to learn from your peers and chairs. Of course, learning is only part of the process of being a successful delegate. Make use of the knowledge you have accumulated and sharing that knowledge - be it diplomacy skills or international relations knowledge."

Sherry Guo


Year: Junior

Majors: Business Administration | Integrative Biology

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As Treasurer, Sherry is in charge of all of BMUN's finance by upkeeping day-to-day transactions in order to maintains BMUN's non-profit status. She also leads the fundraising and selection process of the BMUN Alumni Scholarship Recipients, which helps low-income students attend the conference each year.

"Being in Model UN is one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life and have shaped not only my professional skills, but also my future aspirations. Keep an open mind, be brave, and speak up! There is truly no better platform for intellectual discourse."

Gloria Cheung

USG of Research

Head Chair | North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Year: Senior

Majors: Political Science | Middle Eastern Studies

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The USG of Research’s first duty is in managing and supporting our Head Chairs in all substantive matters on their committees. From the curating of topics to crisis management, Gloria and her staff work with the Head Chairs and their daises to prepare their committees and provide a multi-faceted learning experience for delegates.

"BMUN can be a daunting experience for some, especially for those new to Model UN and public speaking; but know that at some point we've all been there - we have all had shaky knees and stuttering speeches. What is most important is that you remember it's only three days and to make the most of those 72 hours to experience new things! You'll learn and grow the most if you put yourself out there, take risks, and confront what makes you uncomfortable!"

Benjy Malings

USG of Outreach

Year: Senior

Major: Rhetoric

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Outreach seeks to provide any and all educational needs surrounding the training and development of MUN delegates. From our annual delegate workshop to our regular school visits, Outreach works on a variety of levels to ensure that delegates have successful and productive experiences at MUN conferences.

"Collaboration is key! Don't be afraid to reach out to neighboring MUN programs in your area as you prepare for BMUN to seek out the potential of running practice sessions and even joint conferences. And remember— MUN is primarily an event for education, growth, and self-empowerment."

Sita McGuire

USG of External Relations

Vice-Chair | UN Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee

Year: Junior

Major: Political Science

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USG of External Relations is the customer service for BMUN. Sita is in charge of guiding advisors and delegates through the registration process, assigning county assignments, and inviting delegates around the world to BMUN!

"I am extremely excited for delegates to enter the conference with hopes high and the desire to put themselves out there and engage with many brilliant minds that will be in their committees. I encourage those who will be coming to Berkeley for the first time to be confident and take advantage of this three-day adventure!"

Mischa Fritz

USG of Logistics

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration

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I coordinate all of the logistics for the annual BMUN conference. There is a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure conference is ready for 1,600 students from 10 countries every March. Over a year before the conference, I work with the campus administration to reserve venues for opening and closing ceremonies as well as 20+ committee rooms.

"Model UN is an incredible opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you interact with others. It's not about winning awards, but learning from your mistakes. This growth will help you so much more in your future endeavors than a gavel."

Octavio Garcia Farfán

USG of Special Events

Vice-Chair | UN Economics and Social Council

Year: Junior

Major: Economics

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As USG of Special Events, I am in charge of organizing opening and closing ceremonies, as well as delegate dance. I am also the liaison between BMUN and our conference cause.

"I am so excited for conference! My advice to delegates is to keep an open mind. Don't overlook the wonderful learning experience that is BMUN. You have the unique chance to talk to and learn from other students from all over California, the US, and the world. Take this as a chance to broaden your world view and see the issues from different perspectives."

Rita Hu

USG of Organizational Partnerships

Head Chair | Chinese State Council

Year: Senior

Majors: Social Welfare | Psychology

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Among other things this year, the OPS staff will be researching and contacting potential new partnerships with international MUN organizations and conferences, maintaining existing organizational partnerships and organizing BMUN-affiliated conferences abroad, advising international delegates before and during conference weekend, and forging new business partnerships with local hotels, restaurants and airlines to provide discounted rates for delegates.

Stacey Dojiri

USG of Publications

Vice-Chair | Press Corps

Year: Junior

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

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The USG of Publications oversees the design and printing of all materials that BMUN uses and distributes, including flyers, digital advertisements, conference guides, placards, merchandise, and other items. During conference weekend, Publications also staffs the table that helps advisors and delegates with any logistical questions they may have.

"Model United Nations is not just for aspiring politicians and lawyers; it is for anyone who is interested in international relations! Our wide range of topics and committees can provide every delegate with a valuable learning experience, whether their interests lie in environmental science, media bias, global health, the World Wars, or women's rights!"

Trevor Dowds

USG of Technology

Head Chair | UN Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Year: Senior

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I handle all technical aspects of our organization. From managing our google accounts to our registration web application, Huxley, I ensure that all of the organization's technical needs are met.

"Research your topics so much that you're the most knowledgeable person in your committee on them."

Rob Purviance

USG of Internal Relations

Head Chair | Committee of Sustainable Development

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

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In order to put on such an amazing conference that unites delegates from across the world, we need to have a cohesive and extremely motivated secretariat. The USG of Internal Affairs is primarily responsible for putting on our Fall and Winter retreats as well as other team-building and professional development events. These events provide a forum for members of the club to get to know each other and bond. This ensures that by the time conference arrives every year we are prepared to give all of you the best possible experience. I easily have the most fun job in BMUN because I am able to encourage our secretariat to enjoy their time preparing for conference.

"Life (BMUN) moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

"BMUN is a pretty incredible thing, both from the perspective of delegates and your chairs. Whether this is your 1st BMUN or your 4th, we cannot wait to share our conference with you."

Ashley Njoroge


Vice-Chair | World Health Organization

Year: Sophomore

Major: Cognitive Science

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Historian is responsible for capturing the essence of BMUN through pictures and videos taken at conference and throughout the year. They also make sure BMUN is able to engage with delegates and the general public by managing various social media platforms. The final role of the Historian is to cultivate and maintain relationships between the secretariat and alumni.

"BMUN is an experience that has the potential to have a life long impact on you as long as you put yourself into it wholeheartedly! So make sure you are not afraid to participate fully in the conference, remember everyone is there to learn and grow from the experience, do not be afraid to state your opinions and share your perspectives! Don't get in your head too much and always remember have fun!"