Officer Corps

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Michael Pollack


Year: Senior

Major: Cognitive Science

Minor: Computer Science

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The Secretary-General is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of BMUN. In his position, Michael ensures that the entire officer corps, along with the secretariat as a whole, have the resources they need to continue BMUN's legacy of excellence and education.

"As Secretary-General of BMUN, I am entering my eigth year of involvement in Model United Nations. Looking back, MUN has shaped who I am today more than any other program that I have been involved in. It has taught me to speak in public, it has taught me to be resouceful in my research and problem solving, and above all it has taught me the values of diplomacy. Participating in MUN is so much more than simple debate. It challenges you to take on the mantle of country whose views may be foreign to you and use their perspective to combat some of the most prevalent problems in our world today. It is an incredibly powerful experience to have, and it is my distinct honor to be able to provide that experience for all of our delegates attending BMUN LXVII."

Ashley Njoroge

Chief of Staff

Vice Chair | Security Council

Year: Senior

Major: Cognitive Science

Minor: Computer Science

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The Chief of Staff is responsible for making sure all the secretariat members of BMUN LXVII are prepared for conference. To this end, she oversees chair training and plays an active role in ensuring all members of the secretariat are nurtured and comfortable within the organization. In short, Ashley's job is to make sure all BMUN chairs are at their best so that we can have the best conference possible!

"Growing up in Kenya, I have seen first hand the consequences of caring; when people are able to take themselves out of their own frame of reality and exercise empathy for people different from themselves, they change the world for the better. Beyond that, MUN is a really great way to learn public speaking and critical thinking skills. I am super excited to see all the delegates dive into these topics at BMUN LXVII and make this conference the best one yet!"



Alexander Liu


Vice-Chair | Berkeley Venture Capital (BVC)

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

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As Treasurer, Alex is responsible for the finances of BMUN as an organization, overseeing the transactions and spending that happens as the club fulfills its non-profit mission of hosting one of the largest Model UN conferences in the world. Additionally, he is responsible for the fundraising and distribution of the BMUN Alumni Scholarship, helping in-need students attend conference each year.

"Having done Model UN since high school, it's given me the opportunity to develop and hone valuable professional skills like speaking, writing and collaboration; it's allowed me to expand my perspective on the world's most pressing issues and think critically about them, and it's gifted me with some of the most fun I've had in both high school and college. I think the ability for a single activity to provide this value to its participants is exactly why it's so important, and why I'm always excited to be a part of it going forward.

Chelsea Evans

USG of Research

Head Chair | United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Year: Senior

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

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The USG of Research is in charge of selecting head chairs, committees, and topics. Additionally, the USG of Research creates a timeline for Topic Synopsis drafting and assists the head chairs with these papers until completed and perfected. Lastly, the USG of Research handles position paper guidelines and grading and conference awards.

"This is my fourth year in BMUN and my eighth and final year in MUN! Even though I am an engineering major, my time in MUN has made me extremely passionate about international issues. MUN is important because a global mindset is crucial to finding the solutions to make the world a better place! "



Trent Gomberg

USG of Outreach and Education

Vice-Chair | International Labour Organization (ILO)

Year: Senior

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

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Trent, as USG of Outreach, is tasked with directing our outreach program and is at the forefront of our learn initiative. This staff of BMUN are involved in all things that helps MUN programs develop. Trent and his staff organize our Fall Delegate Workshop, develop (check it out!), work with local conferences to supply them with BMUN chairs, consult with MUN programs, and organize and staff outreach sessions. In the future, Trent hopes to work with schools that don’t have existing programs to build them from the ground up. For learn, a video based curriculum, conference guide, and new MUN resources are being developed this summer for release at Delegate Workshop 2018.

"My experience in MUN is very cliche but it’s why BMUN and Outreach mean so much to me. In high school, MUN gave me the confidence to speak in front of my peers, argue with them, collaborate, share my ideas, and work together. These indispensable skills came with the people that became my family in high school, just like BMUN has become my family now. So, to me, MUN means community and sharing. I’m so excited for LXVII because we have the privledge of meeting and teaching MUNers from around the world, which is always a growing experience for both us and the delegates. "

Alexandra Maloney

USG of External Relations

Vice-Chair | International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Year: Junior

Major: English Literature

Minor: History

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As USG of External Relations, Alexandra will be your main customer service contact prior to conference and during registration. She is responsible for sending email updates with pertinent BMUN information, handling country assignments and registration, and responding to any and all inquiries you have regarding BMUN LXVII.

"BMUN in so many ways parallels what one might experience at an actual United Nations conference―people from varying corners of the world with different perspectives converge for a weekend of fast-paced but immensely rewarding debate. As different as our delegates' experiences are, everyone who attends BMUN shares the same commitment and enthusiasm for exploring solutions that can make the world a better place. Take advantage of the opportunities to interact with your fellow delegates and don't be afraid to ask questions of your chairs to make the most of your BMUN experience. "



Lucia Zhang

USG of Logistics


Year: Senior

Majors: Business Administration | Economics

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The USG of Logistics spearheads organizational operations and event execution on behalf of BMUN. There is a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure conference is ready for over 2000 students every March. More specifically, Logistics will work with the campus administration to reserve conference venues and committee rooms and coordinate safety and regulation of the event, among other responsibilities.

"We branded BMUN as an educational conference where we, the Secretariat, hoped to guide the next generation of movers and thinkers by enabling them to better understand and navigate international issues. However, in reality, I feel as though it's the delegates educating me rather than the other way around. I've learned so much more about the world from these bright people and am constantly humbled by their incredible insights. It's been a pleasure having the opportunity to interact with them and I can't wait for this year's conference to see what new things I'll learn."

Tal Stoler

USG of Special Events

Vice-Chair | United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Year: Junior

Major: Economics

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The USG of Special Events manages BMUN's philanthropy partnership, which includes a fall fundraiser and advocacy during conference. In addition to this, she helps organize conference events, such as opening ceremonies and delegate dance.

"To me, MUN is an opportunity for students to step into other people's shoes and understand international issues from new perspectives. While MUN does teach individuals how to publicly speak and delegate, it more importantly teaches students how to empathize with conflicting opinions. "



Hubert Luo

USG of Organizational Partnerships

Vice-Chair | Chinese State Council (CSC)

Year: Junior

Majors: Mathematics | Statistics

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The USG of Organizational Partnerships oversees BMUN's partnerships with local and international organizations to expand BMUN's reach and serve the international MUN community. Hubert and his staff forge new business partnerships with local hotels, restaurants and airlines to provide discounted rates for delegates; research potential new partnerships with international MUN organizations and conferences; maintain existing partnerships and organize BMUN-affiliated conferences abroad; and advise international delegates before and during conference weekend.

"Model UN is an incredible opportunity to learn and practice the research, communication, and teamwork skills that are important in any path you pursue. Not only is it a great way to learn more about international issues, but it also helps develop your ability to collaborate with others and find common ground. I hope you enjoy your time at BMUN 67 and gain experiences and skills that you can draw upon in the future."

Sarah Xu

USG of Publications

Vice-Chair | United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Environmental Economics and Policy

Minor: Global Poverty and Practice

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The USG of Publications handles the designing and managing of printed materials for BMUN. This includes all the credentials, placards, conference guides and committee logos that delegates at BMUN's conference will get to see. Along with her staff, Sarah works to make sure that information is easily readable and accessible for all delegates. This includes staffing the Office of Public Information (OPI) during conference weekend.

"Model United Nations is where I began to develop many skills that I still use today. Beyond just writing a coherent paper, it taught me lessons of compromise and public speaking. I believe that Model United Nations is important because it gives us a space to think critically about our place in the world and understand the diverse opinions of others. I am so excited to see what lessons BMUN LXVII will bring. "



Jake Tibbetts

USG of Technology

Vice-Chair | 1st Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

Year: Junior

Majors: Computer Science | Global Studies

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Jake leads the team that develops all of BMUN's technology platforms such as Huxley and the BMUN App and works with the rest of BMUN to help integrate these platforms into the rest of BMUN to help BMUN's functions and events run more smoothly and efficiently. Jake is interested in a wide variety of topics from cybersecurity, game design, international relations research, and Arabic and wants to pursue a future that somehow combines these.

"I love Model UN because it helps students learn valuable research and presentation skills, gain knowledge on new topics from people who are passionate about them, and do all this through an immersive simulation of an eminently important international institution. It's important because it introduces students to important topics that affect people around the world and creates an educational experience one can not find anywhere else. BMUN LXVII will be the best one yet and I look forward to seeing everyone who will be a part of it!"

Jessica Swar

USG of Internal Relations

Vice-Chair | International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

Year: Junior

Majors: Mathematics | Molecular and Cell Biology

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The USG of Internal Relations is responsible for organizing team bonding and professional development events in order to bring the secretariat together. She facilitates in creating an open friendly environment for our hardworking members to thrive in.

"MUN is a platform for us to broaden our scopes of international issues on a cultural, economic, and political level all while exercising our public speaking and diplomacy skills. I'm excited for our walls of biases and preconceptions to be broken down and for each of us to hold foreign ideas closer to our eyes than our own. Welcome to BMUN LXVII!"



Danielle Tyukody

USG of Media and Alumni Relations

Vice-Chair | North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

Minor: Education

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The USG of Media and Alumni Relations manages the various social media platforms for Berkeley Model United Nations, and is in charge of taking pictures at Conference and other BMUN events. Danielle also maintains communication between the secretariat and alumni.

"Model United Nations has been crucial in shaping my understanding of the world today, and made me recognize the importance of being a global citizen. I think Model United Nations is important because it motivates students to consider pressing world issues through a problem-solving lens, and hones useful public speaking and research skills. I am so excited for BMUN LXVII, and I wish you all the best!"