Dear Advisors,

Hello all, and I hope this message finds you well. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Dhruv Mandal and I will be serving with great enthusiasm as the Under-Secretary General of Outreach & Education for Berkeley Model United Nations’ 68th Session! In this role, I will be heading BMUN’s educational mission, with the distinct goals this year of improving and increasing the number of resources we provide students, better structuring our outreach sessions, and further developing the Bay Area MUN community as a whole, be it through building up fledgling programs in the East Bay or adding more content to our Facebook page for advisors. Whether this is your millionth conference or you haven’t a clue as to what “caucus” means, please feel free to reach out to us for an outreach session or attend our Delegate Workshop. More information on these is included below. 

First, I am unbelievably excited to make the following announcements:

We are excited to announce that BMUN Delegate Workshop will be held on Saturday, October 26th, 2019. Just as last year, we will be offering Novice, Advanced (Crisis), and Chair-Training committees all at no cost, with optional donations for our Scholarship Fund, and a clothing drive. Further updates and registration information will be sent out and updated on the website soon!

New updates to, our site for all delegate resources, are incoming! This summer, the Outreach & Education staff and I will be developing new resources for the site including the continuation of plans for a video-based curriculum, creating a comprehensive regional conference list for delegate use, program-building guides, and improved chair-training and crisis resources. While the resources should be published by Delegate Workshop, feel free to utilize our resources already on our website in the meanwhile.

After almost a three-year hiatus, BMUN is bringing back on-campus mock sessions! Mock sessions will be held on campus at specific dates, which will be released to advisors during the summer, in between Delegate Workshop, Berkeley Model Arab League and our annual conference in order to give delegates an authentic, educational committee practice to prepare for conference in March. Additional details and sign-up forms will be released as Delegate Workshop approaches.

Second, I would like to provide an important reminder regarding outreach sessions and Delegate Workshop, for those not as familiar with our activities: 

Outreach & Education works primarily and at length with Bay Area and local schools to better develop their MUN programs. We do this through several methods, the most common of which are outreach sessions. In an effort to make MUN accessible to all, every service BMUN Outreach & Education offers is entirely free of charge.

On these sessions, members of our secretariat visit schools to work with students on whatever content they need to improve on for upcoming MUN conferences and beyond. We have expertise and resources in all aspects of MUN, including basic procedure, crisis, chairing and even public speaking. These sessions usually consist of presentations, engaging activities, and/or a mock committee simulation, and you can sign up for them using the form found on our website or by simply sending an email to

Delegate Workshop is our flagship event during the fall semester. It is a phenomenal and fun opportunity for new delegates to build up their MUN abilities from scratch or for returning delegates to receive tips and prepare for upcoming conferences. In specific, we offer varying levels of MUN instruction, including novice, crisis, and chair-training preparation. More details on Delegate Workshop, including registration details, will follow in August of this year.

Our sole job is to build your program to its maximum potential and develop your delegates into the young leaders we know they can be. If there is any further resource or activity you believe we can provide to better your students’ experience, please reach out to I look forward to seeing you all this year and meeting in person!

All the best,

Dhruv Mandal USG of Outreach and Education Berkeley Model United Nations | 68th Session