Registration is now closed. You may manage your delegation assignments and information here. If you have any questions please email

The registration process is outlined step-by-step below. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

   1. Go to and under “Conference” click “Register”.
       a. Alternatively, you can go to Huxley directly via


   2. Click on the green “Register for BMUN” button
   3. Fill in the Account Information
   4. Note that this information should be filled out by the primary contact person for conference communications and registration updates


   5. Fill in the School Information


   6. Fill in the Program Information
       a. Is MUN a club or a class at your school?
       b. How many beginner, intermediate and advanced delegates do you intend to bring to this year’s BMUN?
          i. Beginner: Attended 0-3 conferences, not very familiar with MUN
          ii. Intermediate: Attended 4-7 conferences, little to no practice in advanced committees
          iii. Advanced: Attended more than 7 conferences, has participated in many diverse committees


   7. Fill in the Primary and Secondary Contact Information
       a. The Primary Contact should be the person who is filling out form and creating the account.
       b. While the Secondary Contact is not required, we recommend teams provide one in the instance that the Primary Contact cannot be reached.
       c. Both the Primary and Secondary Contacts will be receiving the same communications from our Secretariat.
       d. The two people can be either faculty or student.


   8. Fill in the Country Preference
       a. You will rank the top 10 countries that your school would like to represent at BMUN 65.
       b. We recommend you and your team take a look at our list of committees on under the "Committees" tab.
       c. Please note that country preference does not guarantee country assignment.


   9. Fill in the Special Committee Preference
       a. In this section, advisors will have the opportunity to select their preferences for our Specialized and Crisis committees.
       b. We recommend you and your team take a look at our list of committees on under the BMUN LXV tab.
       c. If you have Spanish- or Chinese-speaking delegates who would like to participate in BMUN 65’s Spanish or Chinese bilingual committee, please put the number of students down in the respective spaces provided.
       d. Please note that preference selection does not guarantee assignment as spaces are very limited.

   10. (Optional) Fill in the Comments
       a. If you have any comments or questions about our registration process, please leave a comment here.


   11. Click on the green “Register” button when the above steps have been completed


   12. Registration Process Completed
       a. By this time, the Primary Contact should have received an automatic email from Huxley that the registration application has been            submitted
       b. The next step for advisors is to pay the non-refundable $50 school deposit fee by October 17th
       c. Teams will then be notified of their registration status by October 24th