Dear Advisors,

Hello! I hope this message finds you well. My name is Trent Gomberg and I’m excited to say I will be again serving as the Under-Secretary General of Outreach for Berkeley Model United Nations’ 67th Session. In this role, I will be leading our outreach initiative to work with Bay Area schools to establish and develop their Model UN programs. We’ll do this through several methods, most commonly Outreach Sessions.

If you are unfamiliar, each BMUN Outreach Session consists of our Secretariat members visiting schools to work with students to prepare them for attending conferences. BMUN is excited to offer several different services with our sessions. We provide lessons in most all aspects of MUN and public speaking, including lessons on Model UN fundamentals, Crisis Committee procedure, soft skills, and research skills. These sessions usually consist of a brief presentation, an activity (or two), and a committee simulation, if necessary. You can sign up for these outreach sessions using the signup form found on our website or by simply sending an email to

New this year, we are happy to offer chair training sessions as well! This is an excellent way to brush up on chairing and introduce delegates to being on a dais. In addition, we plan on providing consulting for new clubs on organizing and hosting a Model UN conference, as well as on building and expanding MUN programs. Our goal is to continue to work toward building an increasingly inclusive and collaborative MUN circuit for the Bay Area. BMUN is also excited to offer Mock Committees this year. These mocks will be solely for practicing and receiving feedback on Model UN skills including speaking, negotiation, and resolution writing. To sign up for one simply fill out an outreach form and specify how you envision the mock!

Aside from outreach sessions, I am also honored to formally invite you to the Berkeley Model United Nations Delegate Workshop this Fall. The Delegate Workshop is a fun opportunity for delegates to learn directly from our accomplished Secretariat the essential skills to excel in Model UN conferences. This year in addition to novice and advanced committees, BMUN be offering a new chair training committee for the most experienced delegates. There will be more details about this and Delegate Workshop in general to come in the month of August.

BMUN will also continue its tradition to reward the most active and enthusiastic schools attending Delegate Workshop; we will be offering scholarships towards registration fees for our March conference as an incentive for delegates to work diligently throughout the Workshop.

We are dedicated toward the development of your program and its students, so if there is ANYTHING not mentioned above that we can provide to better the experience of MUN for your delegates, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to provide any services. I look forward our partnership and to seeing you all this year!


Trent Gomberg
USG of Outreach
Berkeley Model United Nations | 67th Session