Dear Delegates and Advisors,

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to formally invite you to attend Berkeley Model United Nations’ Sixty-Seventh Annual Conference, BMUN LXVII, which will be held from March 1st to March 3rd, 2019 on our beloved University of California, Berkeley campus.

In 1952, just seven years after the foundation of the United Nations, a small group of Berkeley students made history when they founded the first ever Model United Nations Conference. Today, sixty-seven years later, their legacy remains strong as the BMUN Secretariat continues to orchestrate one of the largest educational MUN conferences in the world. Our Secretariat strives to create a forum where high school students can come to meet other delegates from around the world and debate pressing international issues. Through BMUN, thousands of high school students have been able to try their hand at diplomacy, practicing the indispensable skills of research, public speaking, debate, and collaboration, all while learning new perspectives on international relations and making new lifelong friendships.

We firmly believe that the skills and experiences gained through Model United Nations have an incredible capacity to empower high school students. It is for this reason that education and Outreach programs have become a cornerstone of our Secretariat’s mission. This past year, we have made remarkable strides towards these aims. For the first time ever, we were able to make our Fall Delegate Workshop free for all attendees, which we are thrilled to announce will be the case for this year’s Delegate Workshop as well. We also were successfully able to launch BMUN Learn (, our educational website that provides incredibly useful resources for delegates preparing for both our conference and any MUN activity. In addition, we were able to raise over $14,000 for our Alumni Scholarship, dramatically expanding our conference’s accessibility to all students, along with guaranteeing partnerships with hotels and bus companies that facilitated our delegates’ travel expenses. All of this was accomplished on top of holding true to our core commitment of making Berkeley Model United Nations one of the world’s largest and most professionally run MUN conferences.

BMUN LXVII will continue our tradition of excellence, with twenty-two committees addressing a wide range of incredibly interesting and pertinent world issues. Our standard Bloc A and Bloc B committees will be debating exciting and innovative topics, such as the The Flight of the Human-Capital Brain Drain in Economic and Financial Affairs Committee (ECOFIN) and Labor Crisis in the Face of Technological Advancement in the International Labor Organization (ILO). We will be having two bilingual committees this year, with one being a Mandarin-English Chinese State Council (CSC) and the other being our first ever bilingual court committee, the Interamerican Court of Human Rights, which will be run in English and Spanish. Alongside these committees, we will see the return of some of our most intriguing specialized committees, such as the Startup-oriented Berkeley Venture Capital (BVC) and the conference-wide Press Committee, which will have the opportunity to interact with all of the committees at BMUN LXVII.

We are incredibly excited to invite you to attend our Sixty-Seventh annual conference this coming Spring. If you would like additional information regarding our conference or our organization in general, feel free to take a look around our website which will be continually updated in the coming months.


Michael Pollack
Berkeley Model United Nations, 67th Session