Dear Advisors and Delegates,

It is with the greatest honor and deepest pleasure that I invite you to the 66th annual session of Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) to be held March 2nd to 4th, 2018 on the University of California, Berkeley campus.

The BMUN secretariat has worked hard to cultivate our mission of creating a space for high schoolers to discuss and collaborate on solutions to international issues and making BMUN an impactful experience that expands their worldview. The development of our mission and goals would have been impossible without the enthusiastic participation of delegates and the support of their advisors this past year. Thank you to all those who attended this past year’s session, and we look forward to seeing you again this coming spring.

This year, we are working to expand BMUN’s reach to bring resources and advice to delegates in person by continuing our traditional Outreach sessions and online by expanding our website to include our best advice on key aspects of conference. By late fall, delegates can expect to read up on best practices for subjects like pre-conference research and position paper writing, in-conference speaking and caucusing, and club management, such as organization and fundraising. Further, we’re excited to announce a renewed partnership with SCVMUN, a local novice conference. Our Undersecretary General of Outreach, Trent Gomberg, will have the pleasure of also serving as a head chair for SCVMUN XLVII.

This year we will be hosting 21 diverse committees that span both time and topics as we investigate technological, environmental, and cultural issues. We are excited to introduce a number of new committees. BMUN LXVI will see BMUN’s first 2nd Economic & Financial General Assembly committee, UN Commission on Science, Technology, and Development, NGO Forum, and United Nations Human Settlements Programme. We are reintroducing Berkeley Venture Capital with a developmental focus. We are also excited to pioneer both a futuristic meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and a cybersecurity crisis committee. We will also continue our inclusion of THIMUN-style debate with a THIMUN-style United Nations Human Rights Council.

More information on our conference, year-round programs, and partners can be found on our website,

Once again, thank you for supporting our conference and organization, and we hope you’re as excited for BMUN LXVI as everyone is here in our secretariat!



Natasha Cougoule
Berkeley Model United Nations, 66th Session