Position Papers are due on February 5th to be considered for the Best Position Paper Award, and February 12th to be considered for any committee award. Submit them via Huxley

African Union (AU)

Head Chair | Ashley Njoroge


Vice-Chairs | Emma Lautanen, Jessica Swar, Suyash Sharma

Friday Saturday Sunday
Latimer 120 GPB 100 GPB 100


Topic 1 | Improving and Applying Developmental Tech Infrastructure

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This topic will discuss the state of technology in Africa, as well as the multifaceted impact it has had (politically, economically and socially). In committee, we will focus on both commercial and developmental technical solutions to common problems in Africa, for example food shortage, water shortage, and lack of access to Internet. The topic will also talk about the gap in access to infrastructure and how to best close this gap and translate the traditional benefits of technology to the African context.

Topic 2 | Combating Public Sector Corruption

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This topic discusses a more traditional problem facing Africa: corruption. We will look into corruption and the effect it has on the African continent socially and economically, as well as politically. The authoritarian legacy left behind by colonialism has played a role in fostering Africa’s “culture of corruption”, particularly the trend of extended rule on the continent. In discussing the issue, we will focus on the trickle down effect of political corruption and address the place of corruption as a feature of many African cultures.