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UN Special,  Political and Decolonization Committee

Head Chair | Calvin Price


Vice-Chairs | Jessie Mao, Chelsea Evans, Joseph Shin, Tal Stoler

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Topic 1 | Political Stability in the Middle East

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The Arab Spring is one of the great political upheavals in our era. It spread like wildfire and upended the politics of the Middle East and North Africa. The string of democratic revolutions, however, also precipitated bloody civil wars and widespread turmoil. Some uprisings were successful, some were not, and a few are brutally ongoing; all led to increased political and social instability in the region. That instability has led to humanitarian crises, skyrocketing refugee populations, famine, and persecution. It has devastated economies and jeopardized regional trade. Even though most countries are not at war, many face significant and destabilizing issues. This topic seeks to address that volatility and improve political stability in the Middle East.

Topic 2 | Protection of Indigenous Minorities

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Indigenous populations are one of the most at-risk groups in the world facing an array of cruel circumstances and severe treatment. From uneven laws to outright persecution, indigenous groups are rarely afforded the same rights and treatment as citizens of the country in which they live. Indigenous peoples are disproportionately affected by environmental destruction, have significantly shorter life expectancies, and are culturally ostracized. Even in developed nations, they suffer far greater rates of medical problems than others. This topic seeks to address this humanitarian inequality and improve the livelihood of millions around the world.