Position Papers are due on February 5th to be considered for the Best Position Paper Award, and February 12th to be considered for any committee award. Submit them via Huxley

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC)

Room 2

Head Chair | Daksh Bhatia


Vice-Chairs | Alan Xu, Alex Liu, Tushita Saraf, AD Mohanraj, Olivia Everhard, Gigi Choy

Room 1

Room 2

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dwinelle 182 Wheeler 204 Wheeler 204

Friday Saturday Sunday
Dwinelle 109 Wheeler 202 Wheeler 202


Topic | US-China Relations: Open Agenda

Welcome to one of the most exciting times in modern history. This weekend you will be in the hypercharged US-China dual cabinet. With the United States having its own internal battles with the new Trump administration, and China battling a slowing economy while still attempting to grow its sphere of influence, this committee may very well define the fate of the world as we know it. The battle for hegemony could not have come at a more peculiar time.

We will be dealing with a pseudo-modern day setting, in which the events until the day of conference are true, and everything beyond will be created by the imagination of the dais and the delegates working collaboratively. An open agenda does not mean that there is no topic, but rather there are many routes that can be taken that defining a single topic seemed limiting. Some of the most interesting topics that we may touch open are the following: North Korean agitation and the global response, the continuing civil wars in the middle east, Russian expansion, dropping global oil prices, ISIL and other relevant terrorist organizations, Asian relations with both US and China, a sixth member of the UNSC being introduced, and many more international dilemmas.